DIY Hand Soap

I am not much of a DIY’er I must admit but this is something we have been making for the last 5yrs as it is super quick, super simple and best of all toxin free. As soon as I got my hands on doTERRA Essential Oils this was one of the first products in my home that I replaced and started to make my own.

To get started you will need:

Self Foaming Soap Dispenser
Castile Soap
Filtered Water
30 drops of essential oil of your choice – I love doTERRA On Guard the protective
blend for my hand soap


Half Fill the Soap Dispenser with Castile Soap
Top up with Filtered Water paying attention to leaving a little gap as the dispenser usually has a bulb below that needs to fit without the liquid overflowing
Add your essential oils of choice
Secure the lid, Shake and you are ready to roll

Takes all of 5 mins tops and will last you months

A 15ml bottle of doterra on guard
On Guard Essential Oil Blend

Who says DIY has to be difficult! This is so safe and easy to make the kids get involved – The perfect way to empower your children to live a natural health lifestyle and ditch the toxic ridden soaps sold as safe in the supermarkets today!

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