A Day in the Life of a Nontoxic Home

Different cleaning supplies on white background

Ever wonder how difficult it would be to swap out all the chemical-filled products in your home for nontoxic alternatives? Ever wonder if it’s even possible to have a chemical-free home without coming across like an unstable person with mental issues? As human beings we don’t like change.  Even positive changes unsettle us. The problem … Read more

DIY Hand Soap

I am not much of a DIY’er I must admit but this is something we have been making for the last 5yrs as it is super quick, super simple and best of all toxin free. As soon as I got my hands on doTERRA Essential Oils this was one of the first products in my … Read more

Detox Your Home

Did you know that chemicals are absorbed into your body through your skin? So when you apply shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face cream – you get my drift – the chemical and synthetic compounds are absorbed into the skin and can cause no end of issues for your body. Some of the chemicals found in seemingly … Read more