A Day in the Life of a Nontoxic Home

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Ever wonder how difficult it would be to swap out all the chemical-filled products in your home for nontoxic alternatives? Ever wonder if it’s even possible to have a chemical-free home without coming across like an unstable person with mental issues? As human beings we don’t like change.  Even positive changes unsettle us. The problem … Read more

Removing Chemicals From Our Home Saved Our Health

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This was a sign I needed on my front door before I started this journey to wellness back in late 2012. It never even crossed my mind that not only what I was feeding my family was destroying their health so was my choice of cleaning products and personal hygiene products. I was only doing … Read more

How Doterra Sources Copaiba Essential Oil to Ensure Sustainable

doTERRA source their Copaiba Essential Oil from the Brazilian Rainforest, Brazil occupies roughly half of South America, covering a total area of 3,287,357 square miles. This rainforest is approx 60% of the combined Global Rainforests area and has around 390 Billion Trees, some of which are the Copaiba tree. No Middle Man Promise doTERRA work … Read more