Skincare For Reducing The Symptoms Of PANS/PANDAS Naturally

a young boy brushing his teeth next to the bathroom sink using all natural toothpaste and mouthwash to reduce the symptoms of PANS and PANDAS pediatric condition

The symptoms of PANS or PANDAS often appear out of nowhere, with no identifiable reason or trigger. And when you’re new at PANDAS parenting, it can feel totally overwhelming to ride it out day in and day out with no end in sight. I’m here to tell you there ARE things you can do to … Read more

DIY Hand Soap

I am not much of a DIY’er I must admit but this is something we have been making for the last 5yrs as it is super quick, super simple and best of all toxin free. As soon as I got my hands on doTERRA Essential Oils this was one of the first products in my … Read more